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Is it necessary for glasses to prevent blue light

Whether it is necessary for glasses to prevent blue light depends on yourself. Anti blue light glasses are glasses that can prevent blue light from irritating the eyes, effectively reduce the continuous damage of blue light to the eyes, isolate ultraviolet and radiation and filter blue light. They are suitable for watching computers or TV mobile phones. Is it necessary for glasses to prevent blue light? Anti blue light glasses mainly reflect harmful blue light through lens surface coating, or add anti blue light factor through lens substrate to absorb harmful blue light.

Blue light can be seen everywhere in life. A large number of blue light exist in computer monitors, fluorescent lamps, mobile phones, digital products, display screens, LED lights and so on.

Blue light is an important part of visible light. After mixing blue light with green light and red light, it will show white light. The blue light wave is short and has high energy. It can directly penetrate the lens and directly reach the macular area of the eye. (YanJingYouBiYaoFangLanGuangMa)