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How to use malachite green fish medicine and what should be paid attention to when using it

Malachite green generally has three uses. The first is for external diseases. You can wipe the fish directly. The concentration should not be too high. Just add 0.001 g to a liter of water. The second is to soak sick fish. For the serious condition, the concentration should be controlled at 0.2-0.5 mg per liter of water. The third is disease prevention. Adding 0.1 mg per liter of water is enough, and then change the water for two consecutive days. 1、 Wipe the sick body. For some external diseases, if the condition is not very serious, you can wipe it with malachite green solution. Prepare a liter of water, add 0.001 g of medicine into it, prepare the solution, dip it with a cotton swab and smear the injured or sick parts of the sick fish. It usually needs to be wiped for 5-10 minutes, and then put it into clean water for rest. Wipe twice a day. It will get better for three consecutive days. 2、 Soaking sick fish with malachite green is also a good treatment method, but the concentration of the solution is higher. Usually, only 0.2-0.5 mg of medicine can be put in a liter of water. Prepare a small fish tank and soak the sick fish separately for about 2-3 hours each time, and then take it out for rest. Only soak once a day. Three days is a course of treatment. If it doesn't improve, you need to stop taking the medicine for a few days before treatment. 3、 In the high incidence period of some diseases, malachite green can also be used to prevent the occurrence of some fish diseases. Usually 0.1 mg of drugs need to be added to one liter of water. According to this ratio, the dosage of drugs can be selected. On the second and third days after delivery, the water needs to be changed, one third of it needs to be changed and the dosing continues. Then stop the medicine for two or three days, change half of the water, and then change back to the original water change frequency. (KongQiaoDanLuYuYaoZenMeShiYong,ShiYongShiYaoZhuYiShenMe)