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How can cassava powder be kneaded into a ball

When you use cassava powder to knead the dough, add some flour or glutinous rice powder, and then add water to knead it. You can knead the cassava powder into a dough. Because the viscosity of cassava powder is small, it is not easy to form a group. Adding flour with strong viscosity and neutralization will enhance the overall viscosity. At this time, it is not difficult to knead the group with water. What kind of food can cassava powder do? Cassava powder is mostly used to make desserts. It can be made into taro balls, glutinous rice balls, bowl cake, powder steamed cake, etc. It tastes sweet and sticky, Q elastic and sticky.

It can also be made from cold skin, mixed with pepper, coriander and hot oil, or poured with oil, which is spicy and refreshing.

Because cassava powder is transparent after cooking, it is often used to make crystal shrimp dumplings in Guangdong and Guangdong provinces, which is delicious. (MuShuFenZenMeRouChengTuan)