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How to make bibimbap without stone pot at home

When making stone pot bibimbap, there is no stone pot, which can be replaced by casserole or electric rice cooker. We only need to soak the rice in clean water for ten minutes, then pour it into casserole and electric rice cooker to cook, then mix water, soy sauce, Korean chili sauce, bean paste and other things together, and finally spread the side dishes on the rice and pour sauce on it. How to make bibimbap without stone pot? If we want to make bibimbap without stone pot at home, we can replace it with casserole or electric rice cooker. When the cooking tools are ready, prepare Korean chili sauce, tomato sauce, bean paste, rice, cucumber, ham and other materials.

Then soak the rice in water for ten minutes, and shred the cucumber, ham and other ingredients for standby. Here we can also add other side dishes according to our preferences. After the rice is soaked, it can be cooked in a casserole or electric rice cooker together with water.

Then put some side dishes that need to be cooked into the pot to cook, then mix soy sauce, water, Korean chili sauce, bean paste, sugar, tomato sauce and sesame oil together for standby, and finally place the side dishes evenly on the surface of cooked rice and sprinkle with sauce.