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How long can a 40 liter oxygen cylinder breathe

For normal household use, generally, 40 liter oxygen cylinders can be used for a minimum of 72 days and a maximum of about one year. Because the oxygen storage capacity of the oxygen cylinder is fixed, the oxygen flow determines the use time. If you take oxygen once a day or several days for one hour each time, you can use it for about 72 days. If it is used once for many days, it can be used for months or even a year.

Introduction to oxygen cylinder

Oxygen cylinder is a high-pressure container for storing and transporting oxygen. It is cylindrical and generally made of alloy steel by hot stamping. It is mainly used in hospitals, first aid stations and sanatoriums. Oxygen bottle is an indispensable oxygen supply equipment for hospitals, first aid stations, home care, battlefield medical care or anoxic environment. It is an indispensable necessity for patients, pregnant women or climbers. The oxygen cylinder shall not be close to the heat source or exposed to the sun. (40ShengYangQiPingNengHuXiDuoJiu)