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How old is the child-bearing age

Women of childbearing age are generally 24-30 years old and men are 27-35 years old. This is the best time.

During this period of time, men and women have fully matured in physical development and have high-quality sperm and eggs. At this time, fertility can not only ensure the smooth growth and development of the fetus, greatly reduce the probability of premature birth, dementia and abnormal infants, but also reduce the risk of delivery. It is also beneficial to the intellectual development and education of later children.

Harm later than the optimal childbearing age

If it is earlier than the optimal reproductive age, the female development is not yet fully mature, which can not ensure the nutritional balance between herself and the fetus, affecting the common development of both sides.

If it is later than the optimal reproductive age, the female egg cell and egg chromosome will also decline, and the pelvis has formed a fixed state, which will increase the probability of abortion and dystocia. At the same time, the genetic material is easy to mutate, bringing a series of genetic diseases to the fetus.

Men who have too late childbearing age may have poor sperm quality and increase the rate of spontaneous abortion of their wives in the first three months. In this way, the prevalence of children born is high. (YoLingJiShiDuoShaoSui)