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When was it proposed that the countryside surround the city

The idea of encircling the city from the countryside was put forward in September 1927.

Introduction to Encircling Cities from rural areas

The revolutionary road of Encircling Cities in rural areas and finally winning national victory is a development road and general strategy with Chinese characteristics gradually explored by the Chinese Communists represented by Mao Zedong in the practice of leading the Chinese revolution.

Its basic content is that China's democratic revolution first launched an armed uprising among farmers in rural areas where the enemy's ruling power is relatively weak, established a people's army, established revolutionary base areas, and combined armed struggle, agrarian revolution and the establishment of political power, so as to build it into a strategic base to support long-term revolutionary war. Relying on the accumulation and development of revolutionary forces in base areas, with the development of revolutionary war, people's armed forces and base areas, it gradually created a strategic situation of rural encircling cities, and finally won national victory. (NongCunBaoWeiChengShiShiShenMeShiHouDiChuDe)