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The foam glue is too sticky. How can we make it not stick

Mix and stir water, baking soda and washing powder and sprinkle them evenly on the foaming adhesive to make the foaming adhesive non stick. Hand sanitizer and detergent can also make the foaming glue not stick. If it's baking soda, don't put too much. Foam adhesive is a kind of entertainment products. If the foaming adhesive is too sticky, how can we make it not stick? You can use washing powder, washing liquid, etc. to decompose the glycerol in the foaming adhesive to alleviate the problem of adhesion. Don't add glycerol to the sticky foaming adhesive, otherwise it will become more and more sticky.

The production of foaming adhesive requires the preparation of glue, water, container, shaving foam, borax water, glycerol and other items.

Foaming glue is mainly used for sealing and fixing. It feels soft and has bubbles. It can be used as entertainment products. (QiPaoJiaoTaiNianLeZenMeCaiNengRangTaBuNian)