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Difference between 325 and 425 cement

The compressive strength of the two is different. In the same unit area, the compressive strength of 325 cement shall be higher than 32.5mpa, while that of 425 cement shall be higher than 42.5mpa

There may be hundreds of large and small cement brands on the market. In order to ensure the quality of products, regular manufacturers should be selected. The high-quality cement packaging bags will have clear information such as shelf life time, production date, license number, weight of single room cement, place of entry, merchant name and trade mark. However, if they are fake and shoddy products, the packaging will be more rough.

When purchasing cement, the merchant must show the product inspection certificate, so this is one of the reasons why the brand must be selected for purchase. It is forbidden to buy three no products.

The quality of cement is the key to purchase. First, look at the color of cement, which is generally gray white. If the color of cement is too dark, it may be mixed with other things. It is best not to buy. Secondly, look at the texture of cement, which will have a sense of granularity, but it is very delicate. (325He425ShuiNiDeOuBie)