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What fish swim with and what are the functions of fins

Fish usually swim with their body and tail, but they rely on each fin to maintain balance, while swim bladders are used to regulate gas when floating and diving. Its tail is responsible for providing driving force and controlling direction. The pectoral fin can act as an oar when it swims slowly, and is responsible for braking when it swims quickly. There are also some special fish that swim with their dorsal fins. 1、 What fish swim with? Fish swim with trunk and tail. At the same time, they also need fins to maintain balance. When floating and sinking, they need swim bladder to regulate gas. It can swing its body in the water and rely on its tail to provide power. It can also control the direction of progress and turn. If the fish swims slowly, they paddle on their pectoral fins. 2、 What are the functions of fins? 1. Caudal fin: for fish, the of caudal fin can determine the swimming direction and provide certain power. Without caudal fin, fish can't turn. Different types of fish tails are also different. Some are one leaf, some are two leaves, some are symmetrical up and down, some are long on the upper leaf and short on the lower leaf.

2. Pectoral fin: pectoral fin can keep the balance of fish. If not, it will swing left and right. When the fish swims fast, the pectoral fin can be used to brake and make it brake hard.

3. Ventral fin: the ventral fin can also play a role in maintaining balance, but for different fish, the position of the ventral fin is not fixed. It usually grows in the abdomen, and some will be behind the operculum, or in the throat between the operculums. The ventral fins at different positions often have different roles.

4. Dorsal fin: the dorsal fin can keep the fish standing on its side. If not, it will cause it to roll over. For some fish, it is also the part that provides power.

5. Hip fin: the hip fin is responsible for coordinating each fin. Losing the hip fin will cause its body to shake slightly. (YuYongShenMeYouYongDe,YuQiDeZuoYongYouNaXie)