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Basic elements of map

The basic elements of the map are: scale bar, legend and guide mark. The scale bar indicates the extent to which the map is reduced from the actual distance. Legend is the language of map, including various symbols and their text descriptions, geographical names and numbers. A pointer is a pointer that indicates the direction on a map.

Map elements

The first is the graphic elements, which are the contents represented by the map according to the cartographic requirements. Secondly, the mathematical element used to determine the spatial location of geoscience elements can act as the 'skeleton' of map content. Then there are auxiliary elements, which can explain the status of map editing and what must be provided to facilitate map application. Finally, it is a supplementary explanation, which mainly supplements the content and form of the subject map in the form of map, statistical map, text and other forms. It can be configured in an appropriate position on the main drawing surface as needed. (DeTuDeJiBenYaoSu)