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qc3. 0 fast charge 24W or 18W

qc3. 0 fast charging 24W and 18W are available, as long as the charging protocol complies with QC3 All requirements of 0 are OK, instead of specifying whether it must be 18 watts or 24 watts. However, most manufacturers are using QC3 0 technology, 18 watts and 24 watts will be selected, and most of them are 18 watts.

Quick charge 3.0 is quick charge 3 0, the third generation of fast charging technology. Quick charge is a new generation of fast charging technology specially developed for terminals equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon processor. Qualcomm has released three generations of fast charging technologies, namely quick charge 1.0, quick charge 2.0 and quick charge 3.0.

Compared with quick charge 2.0, quick charge 3.0 helps to improve the fast charging speed by up to 27%, or reduce the power loss by up to 45%; The charging speed is twice as fast as quick charge 1.0. Several Xiaolong processors, including Xiaolong 820, 620, 618, 617 and 430, have supported quick charge 3.0, and mobile terminals equipped with this technology have been listed in 2016. (qc3.0KuaiChong24wHaiShi18w)