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What kind of food can rice make

You can make rice balls, fried eggs, rice cakes, fried rice cakes, etc. these delicacies can be made of freshly cooked rice or leftover rice. In addition to these more complex delicacies, rice can also be made into egg fried rice, ham fried rice, soy sauce fried rice, etc. What can rice do? Rice ball is a traditional Japanese food. The main ingredients are rice and fish fillets. Different ingredients can be added according to personal taste.

The raw materials of frying pan include rice and flour. Fry in the oil pan until golden yellow and pick it up. The ingredients can be chili noodles, pepper salt, cumin powder, etc.

Rice cake, also known as oil rice cake, is a characteristic traditional snack popular in the south of the Yangtze River. It tastes crisp, salty and fresh. (MiFanNengZuoShenMeMeiShi)