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What month does the new rice begin to grow

I believe many friends have heard the word Xinmi from the old population, but some may not be very clear about Xinmi when it is separated from a few months. Let's learn about it. The month when new rice begins to appear will be different in different places, which has something to do with the local environment and climate. Rice in the north is generally planted once a year, so new rice usually appears in September; In the south, rice is planted twice a year, and the emergence of new rice is in July and November. In fact, Xinmi refers to the newly harvested rice this year. The newly harvested rice in that year is rice processed by shelling, polishing and other processes. Therefore, the rice and porridge made of new rice have the characteristics of rice fragrance, smooth taste, crystal and full rice grains, sticky and chewy. Generally speaking, there are four aspects to identify new rice: one is to see whether the hardness is large enough, the other is to see whether the belly white is milky white or light yellow, the third is to see the yellow grain, the fourth is to insert it into the rice by hand, and then see whether the white flour on your hand can be easily blown off. The fifth is to see whether the rice has high moisture and the fragrance of rice. (XinMiJiYueFenKaiShiYou)