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How to use the air fryer

Before using the air fryer, clean the inside, wipe it dry and preheat it. When using the air fryer, place it on a stable horizontal plane to avoid tilting. After preheating, you can put the food into the pot for cooking, and take out the food at the set time. What is air fryer? Air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses air to replace the hot oil in the frying pan and cook ingredients through high-speed air circulation technology.

The air fryer can also be said to be a simple oven, which uses the oil of the food itself to fry the food, dehydrate the food and achieve the effect of frying.

There are many styles of air fryers on the market. Some air fryers also have the function of heat preservation, which can preserve the temperature and taste of food. (KongQiZhaGuoZenMeShiYong)