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Difference between constant temperature milk and pasteurized milk

Many children may find normal temperature milk and pasteurized milk when buying milk, but they are not very clear about the differences between normal temperature milk and pasteurized milk. Let's have a look. The difference between normal temperature milk and pasteurized milk is first of all the different technologies used. Normal temperature milk is produced and processed by ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology and filled into sterile packaging. Therefore, normal temperature milk can not only kill bacteria and microorganisms, but also protect the nutrition and taste of milk to the greatest extent. Pasteurized milk is milk processed by pasteurization. Moreover, pasteurized milk not only kills harmful bacteria in milk, but also perfectly preserves nutrients and pure taste. Secondly, the characteristics are different. Normal temperature milk is generally packaged with sterile composite paper, which can make the milk have a long shelf life at normal temperature without refrigeration and preservatives. Due to the particularity of production technology, pasteurized milk is required to be refrigerated in an environment of about 4 ℃ from leaving the production line to transportation, sales, storage and other links to prevent microorganisms from becoming 'active'. Finally, the storage time is different. The storage time of normal temperature milk is generally 30-45 days at normal temperature. Pasteurized milk is about 7 days. (ChangWenNaiHeBaShiNaiDeOuBie)