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Do you need a bigger size to buy slippers

It is recommended to buy one or two sizes larger. Don't buy slippers that are too large or too small. It's tiring to buy slippers that are too large, and they are easy to throw out slippers. If they are too small, they will squeeze your feet, make you uncomfortable, and may abrade your feet. Slippers slippers are a kind of shoes. The heel is empty. Only the front has a toe. Most of them are flat bottoms. The material is often quite light and soft leather, plastic, cloth, etc.

The types of slippers are differentiated according to the wearing occasion and performance purpose. For example, beach slippers are not made of cloth, but plastic, which is to be waterproof and easy to clean.

Winter indoor slippers, in order to keep warm, may use fluffy cloth instead of plastic, so that people can enjoy better in the room. There are anti-skid slippers for bathing, as well as anti-static slippers commonly used in electronic factories and dust-free workshops. (MaiTuoXieXuYaoMaiDaYiMaMe)