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A simple way to separate powerful magnets

Workers shall wear labor protection gloves to protect their hands. Iron objects, watches, mobile phones, magnetic cards, etc. need to be removed around powerful magnets. The super strong magnet shall be placed on the wooden table (the material not adsorbed by the magnet) to reserve a space for height difference. Fix the magnet on the edge of the table, press the pre separated magnet with your hand and exert downward force. Do not loosen the force before the super strong magnet is separated by 0.5m. Keep it so that the magnet will not suck again. Pay attention to safety when separating the strong magnet. Separate the strong magnet when you ensure that you are not injured. It should also be noted that children should not be exposed to NdFeB strong magnets to avoid injury. (JiangLiCiTieFenKaiJianChanFangFa)