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What's your sister-in-law's mother's name

The sister-in-law's mother can be called aunt or aunt. If the sister-in-law's parents are older than their parents, they can be called uncle and aunt. If your sister-in-law's parents are younger than your parents, you can call your sister-in-law's parents uncles and aunts. Some places in the north also call their sister-in-law's parents cousins and aunts. Family appellation family appellation refers to a family, relatives, history has formed a traditional kinship inheritance relationship, which is fixed into various appellations according to generations.

There are similarities and differences between oral appellation and written appellation. Moreover, the face-to-face appellations of outsiders and each other are also different.

Although the written, oral, personal and face-to-face appellations are different, their essential generations are the same, and their connotation is exactly the same. For example, spoken language is called 'father', and written language is called 'father'. (SaoZiDeMaMaJiaoShenMe)