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Are raisins grapes

Raisins are grapes, belonging to the grape suborder, grape family and grape genus. They are also called American grapes and American raisins. They are a kind of grapes. It has the advantages of big crisp fruit, sour, sweet and delicious taste, extremely resistant to storage and transportation, good quality and so on. Tizi is the name of grape in Hong Kong. It was first introduced into the mainland through Hong Kong, mostly referring to imported grapes. Variety of raisins: Hongti grape, also known as red earth, is a late maturing grape variety with high-grade famous brands in the United States. The fruit has large grains and medium thick pericarp, which is suitable for long-distance transportation and long-term storage.

Lvti grape: alias Italian musk. Its origin is Italy. It is widely cultivated in Europe and Japan. The pulp is sweet and crisp, with strong rose flavor.

Heiti grape: also known as American Heiti, it is native to the United States. It is planted in North China, Northeast China and Shandong. The fruit grains are densely embedded, the pulp is sweet and crisp, and the fruit powder and peel are thick. (DiZiShiPuTaoMa)