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Is quicklime alkali

Quicklime is not alkali, but alkaline oxide. The main component of quicklime is calcium oxide, which calcines the natural rock whose main component is calcium carbonate at high temperature and decomposes into carbon dioxide and calcium oxide. Alkali is a compound in which all anions ionized in aqueous solution are oh -. Calcium hydroxide Ca (OH) 2 generated by the reaction of quicklime with water, i.e. hydrated lime, is alkali. Is quicklime alkali? Common alkalis include lithium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime), potassium hydroxide, ammonia, etc.

Quicklime is a common desiccant for removing water vapor by chemical absorption method. It can be used in iron and steel, pesticide, medicine, desiccant, tanning and alcohol dehydration.

It is especially suitable for puffed food, mushroom, instrument, clothing and other industries. (ShengDanHuiShiJianMa)