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How to raise the little razor turtle and what food to feed

Water level: keep a small razor turtle. The water level can't be too high. Just control it at about 30cm. Water quality: the little razor turtle is still sensitive to water quality, so pay attention to keep it clean. It is more appropriate to place a filter in the container. Feeding: the small razor turtle can eat small fish, shrimp, loach, etc. it must be fed every day. Before feeding, the food should be cut into small pieces. Sunbathing: proper sunbathing of small razor turtles is helpful for their development. 1、 How to raise the water level of the little razor turtle: Although the razor turtle is a deep-water turtle, when they are still relatively small, the water level cannot be too high. Generally speaking, it can be controlled at about 30 cm or more than the height of their back shell.

2. Water quality: when the razor turtle is still young, it is relatively sensitive to the environment, especially to the water quality. If the water quality is very dirty, it will cause small razor turtles to get sick, because their disease resistance is also relatively weak. Therefore, the water quality must be kept clean. You can place a filter in the container so that cleaning is easier.

3. Feeding: when razor turtles were young, they grew faster. Therefore, feeding should be carried out every day during this stage. If there is time, it should be fed twice a day. The favorite foods of the little razor turtle are fish, shrimp, loach and so on. Because they are still small at this time, they need to cut the food into small pieces before feeding, so that they are easier to eat and digest.

4. Sunbathing: proper sunbathing can promote the growth and development of small razor turtle and promote the absorption of some nutrients, especially vitamins. Moreover, sun exposure can also improve the disease resistance of small razor turtle, which is beneficial to its health. A drying table can be placed in the container, which will be more convenient. 2、 What food does the little razor turtle feed? Fortunately, when the razor turtle is young, feeding is a very important factor, which has a great impact on their growth and development. At this time, it is best to feed them food rich in protein, that is, animal feed. Specifically, there are many kinds, such as small fish, shrimp, loach and so on. In addition, we have to feed some vegetables and fruits. (XiaoTiDaoGuiZenMeYang,WeiShenMeShiWuHao)