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Is the golden turtle easy to raise? What kind of feed do you eat

Golden money turtle is a common turtle species, which is relatively easy to raise. Because the golden money turtle has strong adaptability to the surrounding environment, and the environment is slightly worse. Although it will have a certain impact on their development status, it generally will not endanger their lives. And they are omnivorous, which is better to feed. When they are in the state of young turtles, they are relatively sensitive to the environment and are more likely to get sick, so they need to pay more attention. 1、 Is golden money turtle easy to raise? Golden money turtle is a common turtle species. Recently, many farmers raise them at home as ornamental turtles. They are relatively easy to raise, and the difficulty of breeding is not too great. The golden money turtle has good adaptability to the surrounding environment. When the environment is not so suitable, it will only have a certain impact on their development state at most, but generally it will not endanger their lives. Moreover, from the perspective of feeding, they are omnivorous and easy to feed.

However, in the young turtle stage, they will be relatively sensitive to the environment. If the environment is not suitable for their growth, the young turtle may catch a cold and pneumonia. If it is serious, it is easy to die. Therefore, you can pay more attention at this stage. Generally, there is no problem. 2、 What kind of feed does the golden Qian turtle eat? It has been introduced above. The golden Qian turtle is an omnivorous animal, which is easier to feed. They can mainly eat two kinds of feed: animal feed and plant feed. There are many kinds of animal feed. If you breed in the family, you can choose small fish, shrimp, shellfish, animal viscera and so on. If it is a wild species, they can prey on some fish, shrimp, earthworms and shellfish in the water.

Plant feed also needs to be fed as non-staple food, otherwise feeding only animal feed may lead to nutritional imbalance. It's OK to feed vegetables and fruits to the golden turtle in the family. You can cut them into small pieces and then feed them. It's relatively simple. (JinQianGuiHaoYangMa,ChiShenMeSiLiao)