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What starch is used in fish balls

You can use corn starch, potato starch, potato starch or raw meal that you can buy in the supermarket to make fish balls. Generally speaking, making fish balls is relatively simple. First chop the fish meat with fish bones removed into minced meat, then add salt, egg white, green onion and ginger water to the fish meat and stir it evenly. Finally, add starch and stir it evenly, pinch it into balls and cook it. What starch is used to make fish balls? Fish balls are a very common food in our life. Starch is needed to make this kind of food, and there are a lot of starch available for production. We can choose to use corn starch, potato starch and potato starch, or go directly to the supermarket to buy any kind of raw flour. The taste is relatively good.

If we want to make fish balls, first we can prepare a fish and clean it, then take out the spines in the fish and chop the fish into minced meat, then cut the green onion and ginger respectively and soak them in clean water, so that we can get a bowl of green onion and ginger water.

At this time, we need to pour an appropriate amount of onion, ginger, water, salt and egg white into the minced fish, and stir the fish in one direction with chopsticks. After the fish and these materials are mixed evenly, we can pour the starch into the fish, stir it evenly, pinch it into balls and cook it in the pot.