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Does N95 mask have safety protection function

N95 is a particulate matter protective mask. There is a filter layer in the internal structure of the mask, which can filter out very small particles, such as bacteria and viruses. Therefore, wearing N95 mask plays a protective role. Precautions for using N95 mask before using N95 mask, be sure to wash your hands and wear the mask. When using the mask, do not squeeze the mask too hard, which will cause deformation of the mask and leakage when wearing.

When wearing N95 mask, the mask cannot leak air. We need to breathe hard until we feel that the air inside the mask does not leak from around the mask.

N95 mask can only be used once, and the time should not exceed 4 hours. When using the mask, do not wash it with water and use it for many times. It is recommended to put it in a bag and throw it into the dustbin after using the mask. (N95KouZhaoJuBeiAnQuanFangHuZuoYongMa)