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How can China Unicom compensate for opening value-added services without reason

If China Unicom opens value-added services for no reason, you can contact the local China Unicom manual customer service to understand. First, make a complaint with the official service number. If you are satisfied, you can solve it. If the official complaint is not resolved, complain to the Ministry of industry and information technology and then to the Consumer Association.

The general reasons for ordering value-added services without reason are:

1. The manufacturer of the mobile phone terminal you are using illegally has built-in menus on the mobile phone;

2. Some manufacturers of value-added services have sent inducement messages or unclear tariff instructions to mislead you;

3. The service is customized or on-demand due to your wrong operation. (LianTongMoGuKaiTongZengZhiYeWuZenMePei)