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Correct method and trick of dry sea cucumber hair soaking

The dried sea cucumber needs to be washed clean first, then put it into the refrigerator and refrigerate and soak it in water for one day, then cut open the soaked sea cucumber, remove its internal tendons and sand spout and rinse it, then boil a pot of boiling water and use it to cook the sea cucumber until it can be easily pierced through with chopsticks, and finally put the sea cucumber into the refrigerator and soak it for two days. How to soak sea cucumbers? If you want to dry sea cucumbers, first we should wash sea cucumbers under flowing water for a while, then prepare a water-free and oil-free container, pour sea cucumbers and water that can not exceed it into it, and then put them in the refrigerator for refrigeration and soaking for a day, and change water for them halfway.

After the dried sea cucumber is soaked, we need to cut the sea cucumber's body with scissors. Here, just cut it along the opening in the sea cucumber's abdomen, then remove the tendons and sand spouts in its body and rinse it with clean water again.

Then prepare a pot of boiled pure water and pour the sea cucumber into it to cook for about 30 minutes. When we can easily pierce the sea cucumber with chopsticks, we can remove the sea cucumber. Finally, pour the cooled sea cucumber into clean water and refrigerate it for two days.