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How fast is the Shenzhou spacecraft

Shenzhou spaceship 10 travels about 7.9 kilometers per second, 28000 kilometers per hour and circles the earth every 90 minutes.

Shenzhou spaceship is a spaceship developed by China with completely independent intellectual property rights, which is up to or better than the third generation international manned spaceship technology. Shenzhou spacecraft adopts three modules and one section, that is, it is composed of return module, orbital module, propulsion module and additional section, which is composed of 13 subsystems. Compared with the third generation of foreign spacecraft, Shenzhou spacecraft has the characteristics of high starting point and orbit retention utilization ability.

The structure of Shenzhou spacecraft is divided into four parts: orbital module, return module, propulsion module and additional section. The orbital module of Shenzhou spacecraft is a cylinder with a total length of 2.8m and a maximum diameter of 2.27m. One end is connected with the return module and the other end is connected with the space docking mechanism. The orbital module is called the "multi-function hall" because several astronauts are in the orbital module at all times except when they have to enter the return module during takeoff and return. The track cabin integrates many functions such as work, eating, sleeping and cleaning. (ShenZhouFeiChuanSuDuYouDuoKuai)