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Win10 disk 100% stuck

Solutions to 100% various stuck win10 disks:

1. Right click my computer, and then click Manage;

2. Open: service and Application --- service. Find the superfetch in the service on the right;

3. Double click the mouse to open the superfetch attribute. In the startup type, select disable;

4. In the same way, close the Homegroup provider. This is to perform network tasks related to Homegroup configuration and maintenance. Generally, we can't use it. Don't disable it if you are useful;

5. Close in the same way: Homegroup listener. This is to associate the local computer changes with the configuration and maintenance of joining the Homegroup, which is generally not used by us;

6. After setting, we open the task manager again and find that the disk occupancy rate is significantly reduced. (win10CiPan100%GeChongKaSi)