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Is black sesame paste washed with boiling water or warm water

It is best to use warm boiled water with a temperature between 60 and 80 degrees to wash the black sesame paste, because there is a saying that the boiling water temperature is too high, which may lead to the loss of nutrients in the black sesame paste. We can buy packaged black sesame paste directly for brewing and eating, or we can buy black sesame and grind it into powder for brewing and eating. There is a saying that washing black sesame paste with boiling water or warm water may lead to the loss of nutrients inside it, so we'd better use warm water with a temperature of 60 degrees to 80 degrees when washing black sesame paste.

If we want to eat black sesame paste at ordinary times, we can directly buy the black sesame paste packaged on the market, or go to relevant stores to buy black sesame directly, grind it into powder, and then take it home to make paste.

Black sesame is a very nutritious food, so we usually eat an appropriate amount of black sesame paste is good for our body, and there is a folk saying that eating black sesame paste is also good for hair.