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Fujian native bamboo shoots frozen raw materials

Black earth earthworm on the beach. The black soil earthworm making frozen bamboo shoots is produced in the coastal beaches of Fujian coastal areas and some coastal areas of Zhejiang Province. The black soil earthworm was originally wild on the beaches where salt and fresh water meet at the entrance of coastal rivers to the sea. Black earth earthworm grows in shallow beach. It is gray white and cylindrical bamboo shoot, so it is called soil bamboo shoot. The raw material of Fujian bamboo shoot jelly originated in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. It is a kind of frozen product made of unique product bamboo shoots. It is crystal clear, fresh, tender and smooth.

There are two widely spread theories about the origin of frozen bamboo shoots: Zheng Chenggong invented the theory of frozen bamboo shoots, which is related to Qi Jiguang.

Bamboo shoots frozen with soy sauce, vinegar, sweet sauce, chili sauce, mustard, minced garlic, shredded sour radish, shredded pepper, tomato slices and so on. (FuJianTuSunDongZhiZuoYuanLiao)