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How to look at the age and gender of Brazilian turtles

The life span of Brazilian turtles is relatively long. When breeding them, their age can be judged from the following aspects. The first is the circular markings on their abdomen. Generally speaking, each circle represents a year. Just count it. You can also see the markings on their backs. They are also circle shaped. Similarly, each circle represents a year. In addition, if you want to see their rough age, you can see the color of their back patterns. Brazilian turtles with clear color are older. 1、 What do you think of the age of Brazilian turtles? Brazilian turtles have a long life span, which can reach decades under normal circumstances. In the process of breeding them, there are several ways to judge their age. First, it can be judged by observing the markings on their abdomen. The markings on their abdomen are generally circle shaped. Each circle generally represents one year old. You can count the number of circles, which is their age. Of course, there will be accidents occasionally, but the difference will not be too much. Moreover, you can also see that the markings on their back are circular, and each circle represents the same. In addition, another way to see the general age of Brazilian turtles is to see the clarity of their back patterns. The clearer the patterns, the older they are, but this way does not depend on the specific age. 2、 What do you think of the gender of Brazilian turtles? If Brazilian turtles are at a relatively young age, they can be distinguished from their appearance characteristics. For example, the back armor of male turtles is relatively long, but relatively narrow; In contrast, the back armor of female turtles will be shorter, but wider. And their tails. The tails of male turtles are shorter than those of female turtles.

When Brazilian turtles are adults, there are more ways to distinguish between sexes. In addition to the above, we can also see their weight and color. In terms of weight, the weight of male turtles is relatively light, and will be about 1 kg in adulthood; The weight of female turtles is relatively heavy, and will be 2-4 kg in adulthood. In terms of color, the color of male turtles will become very dark after adulthood, which is darker than that of female turtles. (ZenMeKanBaXiGuiDeNianLing,ZenMeKanBaXiGuiDeXingBie)