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The ThinkPad light flashed and couldn't start the machine

1. Restart the computer. If you can enter the system normally, it means that there was only an occasional program or system operation error last time. It doesn't matter.

2. If you cannot enter the system normally frequently, press F8 immediately after starting up to see whether you can enter the safe mode or configure the correct mode for the last time. If you can, exit after entering and restart to enter the normal mode. If you have security software, you can use 360 security guard and 360 anti-virus to conduct a comprehensive killing in security mode.

3. If not, press F11 after restart to see if there is one key ghost. If there is, restore with one key (one key backup has been performed before).

4. If there is no one click restore, reinstall the system using the system USB flash disk. After startup, press del key (usually F2 for notebook or according to the prompt character at the bottom of the screen) to enter CMOS, and set USB flash disk as the first startup item. Restart to enter USB flash disk Startup menu, select clone installation, and then press the prompt. (thinkpaddengyishanyishankaibuleji)