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Can yellow peel fruit be planted at home

Yellow peel fruit trees can be planted at home. Potted or ground planting methods can be used to plant yellow peel fruit trees at home. Before planting, wash the seeds of yellow peel fruit, dig several holes in the small basin, put them in the basin, cover some soil and pour some water. They should be placed in a place with sufficient light, watered every day, given sufficient water, and the temperature should be maintained at about 12-20 degrees. In this way, the seeds of yellow peel fruit will grow roots and germinate in about a week. 1、 Can yellow peel fruit trees be planted at home? Yellow peel fruit trees can be planted at home, because yellow peel fruit trees are non-toxic, will not release any harmful gas and toxic gum, and there are no sharp spines that will harm the human body. Because of its fluffy and lively posture, sweet fruit, ornamental and practical, it is good to plant at home. When planting yellow peel fruit trees, it is necessary to prepare the soil and control the light and temperature. 2、 How to cultivate yellow peel fruit trees 1. Soil: the quality of soil is very important for them. Although yellow peel fruit trees are not so picky about the soil. However, loose soil and good drainage capacity are very important for the growth of fruit trees. Generally, humus soil, sandy loam and so on can be used for fruit trees.

2. Light and temperature: yellow peel fruit trees need to grow in warm and humid areas. As yellow peel fruit trees are light loving crops, insufficient light will affect the photosynthesis of plants. The temperature in the area where yellow bark trees are planted shall not be lower than 12 ℃, about 20 ℃ shall be guaranteed every day, and the light shall be more than 4 hours every day.

3. Watering: as yellow peel fruit trees are not resistant to waterlogging, attention should be paid to controlling water during planting. Yellow peel fruit trees are evergreen throughout the year. They grow a lot and need a humid environment and sufficient water. Therefore, when watering yellow peel fruit trees, we should pay attention to watering them several times and in an appropriate amount. (HuangPiGuoKeYiZaiJiaLiChongMa)