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Does yellow peel fruit like yin or Yang

Yellow peel fruit is a kind of sun loving crop. Sufficient light is an essential basic condition for their growth. When the scattered light is sufficient, their branches and leaves grow more luxuriant. In this way, the photosynthesis is strong, and the nutrients accumulated in the fruit also increase. On the contrary, if the light conditions are poor, it will directly affect their normal growth, and the yield and quality of fruits will also be affected. Therefore, it is best to plant them where the scattered light is sufficient. 1、 Yellow peel fruit likes yin or yang. Yellow peel fruit is a Yang loving crop. They prefer scattered light to direct light. When the light is sufficient and the light is uniform, the branches and leaves are thick and will grow luxuriantly. High flowering and fruit setting rate, more flower bud formation and less diseases and pests. In this way, the fruit grown in this environment is sweet, large, and the overall yield and quality are good. If there is too little light, the branches and leaves will grow in vain, reducing the rate of flowering and fruit setting, which is also unfavorable to the growth and development of fruits. Because they prefer scattered light, try not to plant in areas with too strong light. 2、 How to manage yellow peel fruit 1 Fertilization: yellow peach is a kind of fertilizer loving crop. Do a good job in water and fertilizer management during planting. In the early stage of growth, more nitrogen fertilizer can be applied to promote the growth and development of roots. In the middle and later stage, select some phosphate fertilizer and fertilizer to improve the number of flower buds, yield and quality.

2. Watering: yellow peel fruit has a high demand for water. In important stages such as shoot pulling stage and expansion stage, the water in the soil must be supplemented in time. In case of rainy season, the drainage ditch shall be dug in advance to prevent waterlogging in the soil, so that the root is easy to rot and affect the normal growth. (HuangPiGuoXiYinHaiShiXiYang)