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What kind of soil is better for planting konjac

Planting konjac should choose light sandy soil with deep and fertile, soft, breathable and good drainage. Konjac needs soil to provide it with nutrients, water and other necessary substances. Only with this soil can it grow better. Although they can survive in acidic or even alkaline soils, over acidic or alkaline soils will have a negative impact on their growth. It is recommended to plant them in soil with pH value between 6.5-7.0. 1、 What kind of soil is better for planting konjac? For planting konjac, you should choose a deep, fertile, soft and breathable soil with good drainage and weak acidity. Only the deep and fertile soil rich in organic matter can make the bulb of konjac expand and develop better. Fertile soil can also provide more nutrients for the growth of konjac, so as to improve the yield of konjac.

Konjac bulbs and roots grow underground. Loose and breathable soil has less growth resistance to konjac during its growth, which can further improve the quality of konjac while avoiding irregular or rough skin of konjac fruit.

Soil acidity and alkalinity also have a great impact on the yield and quality of konjac. Although konjac can also grow in alkaline soil, acidic to neutral soil is more suitable for their growth. If the pH value of soil exceeds the range of 6.5-7.0, it may lead to diseases. 2、 What kind of fertilizer is better for planting konjac? 1. Base fertilizer: the whole growth period of konjac needs a variety of trace elements. Therefore, organic farmyard fertilizer with more kinds of trace elements should be selected as base fertilizer, and some ternary compound fertilizer can be applied appropriately.

2. Topdressing: the demand for fertilizer of konjac reaches the highest during the period of bulb expansion. During this period, the demand of konjac for potassium fertilizer was greater than that of phosphorus fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer. In order to prevent malnutrition of konjac, the application amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer needs to be adjusted in time. Chlorine containing fertilizer cannot be used to fertilize konjac. (ChongMoYuYongShenMeTuBiJiaoHao)