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Is fresh Tremella still poisonous after cooking

Fresh Tremella is poisonous after cooking. The substances in Tremella that will make us uncomfortable need to be decomposed by exposure to the sun, which is why the tremella we buy on the market is dry. Before cooking tremella, we usually put it into water to soak hair. After soaking hair, we can further treat it according to relevant dishes. Is the boiled fresh Tremella still poisonous? Tremella contains a light sensitive substance. If we eat it and then go to the sun, we may have symptoms such as skin redness and swelling or blisters. That's why people often say Tremella is poisonous.

However, the tremella we usually eat is exposed to the sun, so that the light sensitive substances inside it will be decomposed. That's why Tremella on the market is dry. So if we prepare fresh tremella, even if we cook it, it will make our body uncomfortable.

When we cook tremella, we must first soak it in water. If we use it to cook tremella soup, we can tear the tremella into small pieces, and then pour it into the pot with rock sugar.