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Does milk fruit like yin or Yang

Milk fruit is a sun loving plant. Only sufficient light can make milk fruit grow healthily. In the dark environment for a long time, milk fruit trees can not normally carry out photosynthesis, the growth rate will decline, and the quality of fruit will not be very high. Therefore, it is best to plant milk fruit trees in places with sufficient light. However, it should also be noted that when the light is too strong, appropriate shading is also required to prevent the milk fruit from falling leaves. 1、 Milk fruit likes yin or yang. Milk fruit needs to receive sufficient light to blossom and bear fruit better. Therefore, it is best to choose Chaoyang area for planting milk fruit. During the growth of milk fruit, a certain amount of sunshine should be maintained. When the rainy weather lasts too long or the winter light is insufficient, artificial lighting can also be carried out for the yield and quality of milk fruit. 2、 What growth environment does milk fruit like? 1. Water: milk fruit needs sufficient water for growth. Water is a component required by various physiological activities during the growth and development of milk fruit. If there is water shortage, the milk fruit tree may be short, grow slowly and can not grow high-quality fruit.

2. Temperature: because milk fruit mainly lives in tropical and subtropical areas, it prefers to grow in warm and humid places and is not very cold resistant. When the temperature drops in winter, the milk fruit needs to be protected. When the temperature is lower than - 10 ℃, the milk fruit will suffer from freezing injury, yellowing and falling off of leaves, etc.

3. Soil: milk fruit has good adaptability to soil, but it is more suitable to grow in fertile and loose soil with deep soil layer and convenient drainage and irrigation. Such soil can not only provide more nutrients for milk fruit, but also prevent ponding from hindering the growth of milk fruit roots. The pH value of the soil should be kept between 5.5-7.5, which can make its roots more fully absorb the nutrients in the soil. (NiuNaiGuoXiYinHaiShiXiYang)