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Do cauliflower have seeds

Cauliflower has seeds. Cauliflower is a cruciferous plant. In the late stage of growth, it will bloom and then bear seeds. Cauliflower seeds can be stored for 3-4 years in a dry and low temperature environment. The time of planting cauliflower is different in different areas. However, when planting cauliflower with seeds, attention should be paid to the temperature of seed germination. Only 20-30 ℃ can make the seeds germinate and grow normally. Therefore, it is best to raise seedlings in the greenhouse first, and then transplant and colonize. 1、 Does cauliflower have seeds? Cauliflower seeds are small dark brown particles that are approximately circular. When planting cauliflower in the colder early spring, it is necessary to raise seedlings in the greenhouse. When cauliflower grows 4-5 true leaves, it can be transplanted. 2、 How to plant cauliflower seeds 1. Optimize improved varieties: cauliflower seeds are very small. You can use clean water when selecting seeds. When seeds are soaked in water, empty shells or shriveled seeds will float in the water. This makes it easy to remove them. Seeds with scratches or wormholes need to be carefully selected.

2. Soaking and sprouting: before planting cauliflower seeds, soak the seeds in warm water at 50-55 ℃ for 15-20 minutes, then take them out and soak them in warm water at about 30 ℃ for 1-2 hours. Then take it out and dry it for standby. This is to make the seed skin softer and allow it to germinate more quickly.

3. Sowing and seedling raising: cauliflower seeds are more suitable to be sown in fertile and soft soil. Such soil has good air permeability and strong ability to retain water and fertilizer. The seeds can be evenly sown on wet soil, and then covered with a layer of thin soil for compaction. When seeds grow, pay attention to the humidity of the soil at all times, and do a good job of heat preservation. When the seedlings grow stably, they can be transplanted. (HuaCaiYouChongZiMa)