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How much traffic does 4G mobile phone go in a day

Android phones are not sure. Installing different software costs different traffic. Apple phones are about a few MB a day.

4G is the abbreviation of the fourth generation communication technology, G is generation 4G system can download at the speed of 100Mbps, which is 2000 times faster than the current dial-up Internet, upload at the speed of 20MBps, and can meet the requirements of almost all users for wireless services. In terms of the price most concerned by users, 4G is comparable to fixed broadband networks in terms of price, and the billing method is more flexible and flexible, and users are completely satisfied You can determine the required services according to your own needs. In addition, 4G can be deployed where DSL and cable modem do not cover, and then extended to the whole region.

With the development of data communication and multimedia services, the fourth generation mobile communication to meet the needs of mobile data, mobile computing and mobile multimedia operation began to rise. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect this fourth generation mobile communication technology to bring a better future to people. On the other hand, 4G is also praised as a well deserved "high-speed dialogue" between machines by China Internet of things school enterprise alliance because of its ultra-high data transmission speed. (ShouJi4GChangKaiYiTianHuiZouDuoShaoLiuLiang)