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Can Koi reproduce in the fish tank? How can they reproduce

Generally speaking, Koi in the fish tank cannot reproduce. The main reason is the lack of space. Because the breeding mode of koi is tail flicking, which requires a large space. If the amount of eggs is large, it is easy to pollute the water quality. Generally speaking, Koi breeding needs to prepare special spawning pools and hatching pools. However, if the fish tank is large enough, they may also breed in the fish tank under suitable conditions. 1、 Can Koi breed in fish tank? Generally, Koi can't breed in family fish tank. The main reason is that the space in the fish tank is generally small, which can not provide enough space for Koi. Koi's breeding method is tail flicking, so it needs enough space. Especially when the number of koi is large, it may produce a large number of eggs, so it will not provide them with a suitable environment, but will pollute the water quality. Therefore, if possible, it is best not to breed in a fish tank. A lot needs to be prepared. At least there should be an spawning pool and an incubation pool. 2、 How can Koi reproduce? Koi reproduction requires certain conditions, one of which is the size of the water body. Koi can reproduce in enough space. If you want them to reproduce in a fish tank, there must be enough space. If the fish tank is relatively large and the number of koi is relatively small, it can also reproduce, but the effect after reproduction may be slightly worse. If the fish tank is large enough, it is necessary to keep the surrounding environmental factors appropriate in order to provide appropriate external conditions for Koi reproduction. Specifically, the first thing to be guaranteed is the water quality, which should be kept clean all the time; Then there is the water temperature, which can be maintained at about 25 degrees; When the oxygen content is insufficient, oxygen can be supplied appropriately. Of course, the age of Koi also needs to be paid attention to. It is best for male fish to breed at the age of 4-8; Female fish need to reproduce at the age of 3-5. (YuGangNeiJinLiNengFanShiMa,ZenMeCaiNengFanShi)