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Is it easy to raise three lake cichlid? How

When raising three lake cichlid, we must pay attention to the water quality. Alkaline water is easier to raise color. Baking soda can be added to improve the water quality. The aquarium should be 1m long and 45cm wide, which can provide enough space for activities. The cylinder shall be equipped with a high-power water pump as the filtration system, and nitrifying bacteria shall be added. According to different feeding types, different forms of feed are required. The pelagic fish are fed with floating feed, and the rocky fish are fed with submerged feed. 1、 Regulating the water quality, the original growth environment of three lake cichlid is alkaline, in which horse snapper and Uygur snapper are suitable to grow in an environment with pH more than 7.5, while Tan snapper should ensure pH more than 8. Only in this way, the color of snapper will be more bright. If the water quality is neutral or weakly acidic, it can be improved by adding baking soda. 2、 The aquarium is equipped with three lake cichlid, which must provide a loose growth environment. Generally, the length of the fish tank should be about 1m and the width should be 45cm. If you keep small curly shellfish, you can use a 60 cm tank. In addition, the fish tank should be equipped with a filtration system, and more high-power water pumps should be used. It should be filtered six times an hour. In addition, prepare nitrifying bacteria, which can also clean the fish tank. 3、 Feed for different three lake cichlids, different types of feed should be fed. If you raise fish living in the middle and upper layer, you need to feed floating feed to facilitate its feeding. If you are raising rocky or stratigraphic fish, you should feed submerged feed. There are also some thin skinned feeds that can float or sink to the bottom. This kind of feed is not recommended, because it is easy to be eaten up by the fish in the upper layer and not by the fish in the lower layer. 4、 Change the water regularly. In order to ensure the healthy growth of three lake cichlid, generally change the water once a week, and the amount of water change is about one third. Many people think that if the water is clear, they do not change the water. In fact, clear water does not mean that the water quality is good. It is also risky not to change the water for a long time. In addition, it is hot in summer, so the water exchange frequency should be increased. The temperature is low in winter. You can change it every half a month. (SanHuCiDiaoHaoYangMa,ZenMeYang)