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Does the black tiger like yin or Yang

Black tigers prefer a dark environment. Except that a small amount of light is required in the flowering and fruiting stage, their demand for light is not large in other times. Generally, keeping the illumination range between 30% - 50% can meet their growth and development needs. If the light is too strong, they are likely to be burned by the strong light. In this way, their flowering and fruit setting rate will decline, and the yield and quality of fruits can not be guaranteed. 1、 Black tiger likes yin or yang. Black tiger is a kind of shade loving crop. During the growth of the black tiger, only a small amount of light is needed. The general illumination range is best between 30-50%, and the annual average relative humidity is best between 70-80%. Because of their strong stress resistance, they have strong adaptability to the environment. It can grow at - 5-40 ℃. Light and soil conditions have a great impact on them, so we must control the light when planting black tigers. Shading measures shall be taken if necessary. 2、 How to manage water and fertilizer when planting Black Tiger 1. Black tiger is a crop with high fertilizer demand. Because they grow very fast, they have strong ability to absorb and consume fertilizer.

2. The requirement of water in the growth process of black tiger is also very high. Especially in the expansion stage, if the water conditions are not met, abnormal fruits are likely to grow.

3. In the early growth stage of black tiger, applying more nitrogen fertilizer can help it take root and germinate. In the middle and late stage, more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be applied to promote growth and development. In addition, when applying fertilizer, you must mix a variety of fertilizers. Taking the application of nitrogen fertilizer as an example, if the application of nitrogen fertilizer is excessive, it is likely to lead to the overgrowth of branches and leaves and affect the flowering and fruiting. (HeiLaoHuXiYinHaiShiXiYang)