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What kind of soil is better for growing ginger

The fertile soil with loose air permeability, good drainage, deep soil layer and rich organic matter is the most suitable for planting ginger. Fertile soil can provide nutrition for ginger. Ginger is not only afraid of drought but also not resistant to water logging. It can be planted well only in the soil with good drainage performance and certain water holding capacity. For ginger, neutral or acidic soil with pH value between 6-7 is the best. The development of ginger will be inhibited by acid and alkali soil. 1、 What kind of soil is better for planting ginger? It is better to use fertile, deep, porous and good drainage soil for planting ginger. The soil with high organic matter content and deep soil layer can provide more nutrients for the growth of ginger, which is very suitable for planting ginger. The yield and quality of ginger can reach a high level. The soft and breathable soil is conducive to the respiration of ginger roots and can make ginger roots grow better.

In addition, because the root system of ginger is underdeveloped, the control of water is the key in the process of ginger growth. In the soil with serious ponding, ginger is not only prone to malnutrition, but also likely to rot. So plant them in well drained soil. 2、 What kind of fertilizer is better for growing ginger 1. Base fertilizer: base fertilizer plays a very important role in the whole growth stage of ginger. It is best to choose farm manure as the base fertilizer, such as rotten chicken manure. If cake fertilizer can be buried in the soil, it will have a better effect.

2. Topdressing: ginger needs different fertilizers in different periods. Nitrogen fertilizer should be mainly applied when growing stems and leaves at the seedling stage, while organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be mainly added at the stage of stem expansion. (ChongShengJiangYongShenMeTuBiJiaoHao)