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When will golden thorn pear be pruned

The main pruning time of Rosa roxburghii is in winter. At this time, the dead branches, pest branches and aging branches on the plant need to be cut off. In addition, proper pruning during the growth period can also play a good auxiliary role, making the golden thorn pear develop faster and better. Light pruning can improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions of their lower and inner bore branches, so as to improve their photosynthetic efficiency and achieve the purpose of main results. 1、 When to prune Rosa roxburghii? When planting Rosa roxburghii, pruning needs to be carried out within a reasonable time, which can help them grow faster and better. Generally speaking, their suitable pruning time is in winter, which is mainly responsible for cutting dead branches, pest branches, aging branches, etc. In addition, when they are in the growth period, they also need to carry out an appropriate amount of pruning.

Because they have the habit of sucking long branches and forming large fruiting mother branches to bear fruit in the next year, it is necessary to use the pruning method of retracting the crown to renew the aging crown. Generally, the retraction range is one-third or one-half of the crown, and the cycle is about to be renewed and trimmed every 3 years. Such mild pruning can fully improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions of the lower part and inner chamber branches of Rosa roxburghii, and improve their photosynthetic efficiency. 2、 Precautions for pruning Rosa roxburghii 1. The tree height of Rosa roxburghii should be kept at about 1.5-2m and the crown width should be kept at about 1.5m. The whole tree needs to have 5-8 main branches to facilitate its subsequent results.

2. In the early stage of Rosa roxburghii colonization, pruning is not necessary. During this period, it should be allowed to grow freely, promote fruit and form a crown.

3. In the later stage of Rosa roxburghii colonization, it is necessary to trim off the dense, drooping and long branches, so as to make it have the effect of main fruit. (JinCiLiShenMeShiHouXiuJian)