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When will the vegetables be harvested

Caterpillars are sown in autumn and harvested in spring. If they are early maturing varieties, they can be harvested in winter. Caterpillars can be eaten all year round. The seedling raising of caterpillars is generally about 25 days. It is strictly prohibited to sow before August 29 and after September 20, otherwise it is easy not to grow buds. It can be planted in October. When weeding children's vegetables, pay attention not to hurt its roots, shallow tillage, and pay attention to light first and then heavy when applying fertilizer. 1、 When will children's vegetables be harvested? Children's vegetables are ripe and harvested in spring. If they are early maturing varieties, they can be harvested in winter. Children's dish is also called "super lettuce, baby dish", a strange looking vegetable. Each plant has 15 to 20 sprouts. It is pagoda shaped and very beautiful. Children's vegetables are rich in nutrition, delicate in quality, delicious in taste, and can be eaten in a variety of ways. Pickled, cold mixed, soup, rinse, fried, fried and stewed are all OK. Common recipes include stewed Chinese cabbage, fried pork slices with Chinese cabbage, fried sausage with Chinese cabbage, braised Chinese cabbage, clear soup Chinese cabbage and so on. 2、 Planting time and methods of caterpillars 1. Sowing time: the sowing time of caterpillars is generally in the late August and the middle September, and it is best to sow in the early September. The optimum temperature for the germination time of catechu seeds is about 20 ~ 28 ℃.

2. Prepare the seedbed: the seedbed of children's vegetables should be selected in a shady place, the soil should be loose and fertile, the soil layer should be deep, and the drainage and irrigation conditions should be good.

3. Thinning seedlings and strengthening seedlings: thinning seedlings can be carried out when the seedlings grow to 1 or 2 real leaves. The spacing between seedlings is about 3 to 4cm, followed by fertilization. When the true leaves grow to three or four pieces, the second thinning can be carried out at a distance of about 5 to 6cm. Fertilization can be applied at the same time. The third thinning can be decided according to the actual situation.

4. Transplanting and fertilization: transplanting with soil shall be carried out in sunny days. After transplanting, it shall be watered, and fixed root fertilizer shall be applied two or three days after transplanting. (ErCaiShenMeShiHouShouHuo)