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Do grapes like yin or Yang

Grape tree is an evergreen shrub that likes light. It has a large demand for light, but sometimes it can tolerate some shade. The thin and strong branches and the quality of fruits of this plant are inseparable from the sunshine conditions. If they can receive reasonable sunshine all day, it is very beneficial to their growth and development. In addition, they can tolerate relatively low temperature, but they are not resistant to salinity and waterlogging. 1、 Do tree grapes like yin or Yang? Tree grapes have a higher demand for light. In a day, the time of light should not be too short, otherwise it is not conducive to their photosynthesis. If they can't get the necessary light during actual planting, it may cause problems such as slow growth. And their yield will also decline, and the color and taste of the fruit will be much worse than those with sufficient light. 2、 What environment does tree grape like 1. Light: the growth of tree grape needs sufficient light. In planting care, choose a place with good lighting conditions and do not shade. In this way, their leaves will not only show dark green, but also improve the quality of fruits.

2. Climate: they can adapt to warm and humid climate and can't survive long in too dry places. The natural subtropical climate conditions have formed their living habits, so planting them in places with high humidity and temperature will achieve better results.

3. Soil: grapevine requires slightly acidic sandy soil and good drainage. Although they grow in the primitive ecological environment, the altitude is not very high, generally above 1000 meters. However, the precipitation is still relatively large, about 1200 mm, so the permeability and drainage of the soil are good, so there will be no water logging. (ShuPuTaoXiYinHaiShiXiYang)