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How many minutes does the bass take to steam

Steam bass for about 10-15 minutes. Perch is long and flat, with solid meat in the shape of garlic petals. It is often steamed. The meat of bass is white, fat and tender, with few fine spines and no fishy smell. It tastes very delicious. Steamed perch is one of the characteristic traditional dishes in Guangdong Province. It tastes light, salty and fresh. The steaming time of perch is just at the heat, tender and smooth. If the steaming time is too long, the meat will age. How many minutes should the bass be steamed? Late autumn and early winter is the best time to eat bass. At this time, the bass is fatter and the nutrients accumulated in the body are the most abundant. It is the freshwater fish with the highest DHA content.

Don't take viscera from the stomach when steamed bass. You can wring the viscera out of the fish's mouth with chopsticks and then clean it.

Draw a few knives on the fish, touch some salt, put the fish on a plate padded with chopsticks, and support it up so that it is mature. (LuYuYaoZhengDuoShaoFenZhong)