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What kind of soil is better for growing baby dishes

Fertile sandy loam with good air permeability and drainage, deep soil layer and convenient drainage and irrigation is more suitable for planting baby vegetables. Baby vegetable is a crop that likes water and fertilizer, so the soil needs to have a certain ability to retain water and fertilizer while being breathable and loose. The pH value of the soil should be maintained between 6.5-7. When the acidity and alkalinity of the soil changes, it can be adjusted with lime powder. 1、 What kind of soil is better for baby vegetables? 1. Fertile and deep: because the growth cycle of baby vegetables is relatively short, planting with deep soil containing more organic matter can ensure the supply of various nutrients needed in the growth process of baby vegetables.

2. Good drainage: baby vegetables prefer wet soil during the growth period. However, because its root system is relatively weak, if the soil ponding is likely to cause root rot. Root rot will affect the absorption of nutrients and water, and finally lead to malnutrition or death.

3. Acidic soil: slightly acidic soil with stable pH value between 6.5-7 is the most suitable for baby vegetable growth. Excessive acid and alkali will destroy the structure of the soil, reduce the effective nutrients of the soil, and cause the slow growth of baby cabbage. 2、 What kind of fertilizer is better for baby vegetables? 1. Base fertilizer: Organic farmyard fertilizer is the most suitable fertilizer as base fertilizer. When adding farmyard manure, make sure it is completely rotten, otherwise it will burn the root of baby vegetable and even lead to the death of baby vegetable.

2. Topdressing: Baby cabbage has different needs for fertilizer in different growth periods. The applied fertilizer should be selected by observing the growth status of baby cabbage and soil nutrients. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the most important fertilizers for the growth of baby vegetable. In the early growth stage, baby cabbage needs nitrogen fertilizer. During the leaf bulb formation period, their demand for potassium fertilizer will rise. (ChongWaWaCaiYongShenMeTuBiJiaoHao)