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How can yuganguo prevent insects

Planting Phyllanthus emblica can prevent insects by biological control and artificial killing. When encountering insect disasters, attracting beneficial birds such as woodpeckers by building artificial bird nests can significantly reduce the incidence of insect pests. At the same time, it is necessary to bag the fruit, which can prevent it from being damaged by insects and birds and can not maintain its integrity. In addition, larger pests can be captured manually in the morning and evening. 1、 Biological control: biological control is an effective means to reduce the incidence of diseases and insect pests. Creating an environment suitable for the survival of natural enemies of Phyllanthus emblica is conducive to dealing with pests and protecting plants. If you encounter pests with strong phototaxis, you can trap and kill them with a black light lamp. In addition, seeds and cuttings can be treated by ultrasonic and heat treatment to eliminate pathogens and insect eggs.

2. Artificial killing: when planting Phyllanthus emblica, it can be killed according to the occurrence law and living habits of pests. If the killing effect is not good, you can cut off the diseased branches and leaves during garden cleaning to reduce the bacterial source. Pesticide can also be sprayed reasonably. Pay attention to the effect of spraying the whole tree and seeing the medicine on the branches. 2、 Planting time and environment of Phyllanthus emblica 1. Planting time: Phyllanthus emblica grows in tropical and subtropical areas and is generally planted in February and March in spring. They like light, are resistant to drought, are not resistant to cold, and have high requirements for temperature. It can be planted in areas with an average annual temperature of 20 ℃. They are not frost resistant, so they should be planted in areas resistant to cold and frost in winter. Otherwise, flowers, fruits and even death will occur.

2. Soil conditions: the suitable environment for Phyllanthus emblica is a place with warm, humid and sufficient light, and the requirements for soil are not high. It is suitable to grow in slightly acidic or alkaline soil, and the pH value should be about 6-8. When selecting land, land with good drainage, sufficient water source and good water quality should be selected. (YuGanGuoZenMeFangChong)